Equipment Check

Made some changes to my bike. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you will have noticed that breaking spokes are a common event for me. My repair person could not figure out why. Just last week after getting my bike back I went out and broke 2 more spokes the next day. We decided to change out the wheel. He gave me a good deal and threw in labor and when I picked up the bike he said he hope he didn’t see me for a long time. So a picture of my new wheel is in order. Have used it for two trips with no problems. 

Also added a mirror. There have been times when I’ve been surprised by someone coming up in back of me. Looking over my shoulder caused me to wobble the bike. Not good if I’m in traffic. I went with the handlebar mirror because I was told that some people can’t adjust to the little mirror that attach to glasses. It’s called a Mountain Mirrycle.


2 thoughts on “Equipment Check

  1. I had to do a few errands in town today, so I was inspired by your example to work my bike into the trip. I live north of Cleone, but didn’t want to brave Hwy. 1 just yet, still too many tourists, so I drove to Ward Avenue and parked my vehicle there. Then I rode into town through MacKerricher. I love crossing the trestle at Pudding Creek.

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