Impressed by Audubon Society

I received an email this morning from Audubon California about a local issue right here in Mendocino County. I must say that I’m impressed with the cooperation between the Mendocino Coast Audubon Society and Audubon California. I’ve written about the issue briefly in this post on Ten Mile Beach. The email take you to this “take action” site called, “Tell Mendocino County to keep their promise to the Western Snowy Plover.” From there you can send your comments to the Mendocino County Supervisors. 

Any Mendocino County residents reading this blog and cares about Snowy Plovers and the natural state of our environment  should take advantage of this site before the county board’s next meeting this Monday.

I sent this message:

“Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the motion to appeal the Coastal Development Permit 12-2011 for the Ten Mile Dunes Restoration project.
I support the project as planned by California State Parks and permitted under the Mendocino County Local Coastal Program, and ask the Board of Supervisors to deny the request for appeal of that permit.
I have been walking the Ten Mile Beach for some years now. I have encountered many different people during my walks. They are young, old and in between. They ride horses, they fish, they collect shells, they bird, they run, and they walk. All of these people are on the beach. That is where the action is. I encounter few people in the dunes. Most of them are state parks personnel and the others are people that live in the area that take their own private trails to the beach. You can see those trails on Google Earth. Why not ask these people to work with state parks to open up their private trails to the public?
The area in question is a ” natural preserve” and is unique and special. It doesn’t need a haul road or boardwalk. The next thing people will be asking for will be bathroom facilities and scooter battery charging sites. Nor do hikers of the California Coastal Trail need a haul road or boardwalk. I include a clip from their website:
“One can make their way along the entire California coast finding trails through state, national and local parks, walking the sand or cobbles on beaches, and traipsing sidewalks or going along gingerly at the edge of rural roads and urban highways.  In some instances the way is blocked by private property or government facilities; in others it is blocked by water.  In some cases, one must go far inland.  But it can be done.”
I support the mission of the Coastal Commission to provide public access to California’s beaches, and am confident that California State Parks will provide that access even with removal of the remnant sections of road in the plan.
Let there be some “natural” places left in California and let them be here in Mendocino.”
Richard Hubacek
UPDATE—-Snowy Plovers win. Mendocino County Supervisors voted 3 to 2 to deny the appeal. Opponents of the State Parks project plan to appeal to the California Coastal Commission.

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