There’s a New “News” Network In Town

Yes that’s right Al Jazeera America. From Grist you get this headline, “Is Al Jazeera America going to change the way networks cover climate change?” 

The article by Thomas Stackpole states, “On its first day of broadcasting, Al Jazeera America devoted 30 minutes to climate change — more time than top shows on CNN and Fox News have given to this issue in the past four-and-a-half months, combined. In fact, the full half-hour (24 minutes, plus commercials) of broadcast of Inside Story was equal to about half of the coverage climate change received in 2012 from the nightly news on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, combined. For a network that promised to provide “unbiased, fact-based and in-depth, journalism,” this seems like a promising start.”

Al Jazeera America’s website is here. Enter your zip code to see how it’s available in your area. I get it on Dish Network at channel 215.

Ali Velshi, formerly of CNN and now with Al Jazeera, says, “Al Jazeera was often similar to “what the old CNN used to be, where the story was the story, not the anchors, not the anchors’ views, and not the most excitable people you could book on TV.”

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