End of Week Birding

My birding experiences this week added a couple of birds for the year. While walking north on Ten Mile Beach I heard some alarm calls from what turned out to be 4 Common Terns. A Parasitic Jaeger was chasing them towards shore. When the Jaeger broke off the chase I could see it’s long tapered central tail feathers. Jaegers steal food from other seabirds. The picture below is one of mine from a Fort Bragg Pelagic trip.

My Friday SOS Survey turned up another Semipalmated Sandpiper, the third I’ve found at Virgin Creek this year. None were found during the surveys last year. This individual was aggressive and chased the Least Sandpipers around. It is a trait I’ve read about for them but had not seen before. It was also darker in the neck area then previous SESA’s. As I’ve previously stated they are rare on the west coast.

There were also 2 Marbled Godwits on the beach which was a first for me this Summer.

To add to my excitement,State Parks finally replaced the Virgin Creek bike rack that had been destroyed earlier in the year. It took them 5 months which is probably fast for them.

Totals for the year are now 226 bird species with over 1749 truck miles saved.



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