Beer!!! Tell me it’s not True.

THINKPROGESS just recently ran an article called, “16 Of Your Favorite Things That Climate Change Is Totally Screwing Up“. The article is by Ryan Koronowski. The premise is that climate change is not some far off idea that is going to scorch the planet in the future but it is something that is affecting some of the things we enjoy now.

The very first thing it mentions is my beverage of choice–beer. Having spent lot’s of time as a postal employee in Chico, California, home of the famous Sierra Nevada Brewery, and now living in Mendocino, home to the North Coast Brewery, beer is a subject matter near and dear to me. Sorry to my underage readers. You have to be 21 years old to enjoy those links. Beer is an agriculture product. You need clean water, hops and barley. All of these ingredients are being affected by higher temperatures. The above article links to this story. Let’s all hope for the best.

“Football” follows beer on the list of 16 favorite things. I’m not a fan of football, I leave that to my sister, but did you know that, ” (High) Schools began to notice a trend: their players were dying more and more frequently due to heat stress, three times as frequently from 1994 to 2009.” Football fields are drying out in small towns in the south. Artificial grass is expensive  and hotter. Maybe it will be football that brings around the  southern climate deniers.

“Maple syrup” is next on the list followed by “hiking”. “Poison ivy…Yet because the itchy plant thrives on higher temperatures and increased carbon dioxide levels, avoiding the plant is only getting more difficult. The potency and spread of poison ivy has doubled since 1960, and researchers say that will double again should the planet reach 560 ppm of carbon dioxide (current readings recently broke 400ppm).”

“Coffee” I already have a post about coffee and climate change. “Arabica, the most-consumed coffee species, could go extinct in the wild in 70 years according to a study by London’s Royal Botanic Gardens last year.” I would like to recommend the Thanksgiving Coffee Company as my favorite coffee supplier. They support the small coffee growers and bird populations. They are headquartered here in Mendocino County.

“Chili peppers” and “sweaters” are next. Apparently you don’t want sheep on your football team. 


“Fishing” is a subject I’ve posted on. Fish are moving to cooler waters and if they can’t do that they die.

What can I say about “wine”. The amount of empty wine bottles in the trash bins where I live is a testament to it’s popularity. The wine industry here in California is so powerful that they successfully fought the recycling fee that most other beverage companies have to put on their bottles and cans. “…wine is particularly susceptible to a changing climate. Most crops find increasing heat waves, flooding, and droughts difficult to endure, but wine is special. Grapes are grown in specific fields for hundreds of years because that particular place is particularly good at producing a particular varietal of wine. When areas get warmer or drier, the grapes change, and then the wine’s taste and color changes.”

The “Panda” will have to change it’s diet. Let’s not forget about the Polar Bear while we’re at it.

Photograph: Ashley Cooper/Global Warming Images

“Tour de France” and “apple pie” come next. “Apples need a “winter chill” to bloom properly in the spring.”

“Surfing?” And then “peanut butter”. Peanuts are a fussy crop and climate change is not good for them. 

Last on the list is “fireworks”. “Last year, more than 100 communities across the U.S. cancelled Fourth of July firework displays due to fears that the pyrotechnics could spark wildfires in drought-riddled states.” I’ve posted on this earlier.



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