Semipalmated Sandpiper During Virgin Creek SOS SUrvey

Chuck Vaughn came over from Ukiah to get some year birds on the coast. Chuck is President of the Peregrine Audubon Society and the Mendocino County Ebird Reviewer. He picked me up and we planned to do my SOS Survey at Virgin Creek. 

It was a slow shorebird day. We only had 4 peeps (term for our smallest shorebirds) but one of them was a Semipalmated Sandpiper. SESA’s are common on the east coast but are rare on the west coast. 

Further north at Ward Ave. was a breeding plumage Rhinoceros Auklet in a group of Surf Scoters. Overall it was a slow bird day but I’m now at 224 birds for the year with over 1698 truck miles saved.



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