A Drive to Town, Recycling, Ten Mile and Gas Usage

This last Thursday I had to drive into Fort Bragg. My gas tank was getting low so I planed my day around filling it up. I have tied my previous record of 56 days between fill ups. At this rate, by the end of the year, I will have filled my tank only 8 times. This “green” year is saving me money. 

It’s ironic that to help save energy (and to keep our roads clean) by recycling cans, glass and plastic I have to drive about 30 miles round trip to do it. I still remember the days that you could return them to the local market. I know that was many years ago. Into the back of the truck my many bags of recyclables went. 

My plans were to visit the gas station, the recycle center, bird Ten Mile Beach, and do some shopping. It was a nice day on Ten Mile sunny and warm. One of the most interesting things I saw were many Brown Pelicans plunge diving for food just off the beach.

The second Pelican appears to be a first year bird because of the white belly. I hear that the fishing has been good this year.

The day went as planned. No new year birds and no truck miles saved. Did help save the earth by recycling my beer bottles.



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