Ten Mile Birding and Bike Problems

Got out to Ten Mile Beach today to do some birding. Target birds were Ruddy Turnstones and Elegant Terns. I was able to find Ruddy Turnstones, 3 of them, but Elegant Terns will have to wait another day.

Right at the start there were 7 Black Oystercatchers on one rock with one juvenile amongst the adults.

There were 4 Snowy Plovers with about 8 Semipalmated Plovers. 

Another returning migrant was a single Long-billed Dowitcher at Inglenook Creek.

The Ruddy Turnstone was number 222 for the year with over 1591 car miles saved.

While biking north on the haul rd. I heard a snap from my bike. Upon investigation I had broken 2 or 3 spokes on my back tire. This has happened 2 other times during the last year. I guess I’m jumping over the potholes in the haul rd. a little too high. The bike is now at Catch a Canoe & Bicycles Too where I originally got it. Will have to walk down to Virgin Creek from the bus stop tomorrow. I’ve done that before.


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