The Marshall Islands are Doomed

I guess this could become a feature of this blog–what is doomed by climate change? Once again this is not some future event but is happening now.

“For the tens of thousands of people who live in the Marshall Islands, a string of more than 1,000 low-lying islands and coral atolls in the North Pacific Ocean, last week’s storms brought yet another reminder that the impacts of climate change aren’t something that awaits in a far-off, distant future.

They’re happening now.

Extremely high tides, combined with storm surge of 6 to 8 feet, lashed the coastline of the southern Marshall Islands around its capital Majuro on June 25, inundating the southern end of the atoll in up to 2 feet of water in many areas.”

At the same time, many of the northern Marshall Islands are in the middle of their worst drought in recent memory. Failing crops and dwindling water supplies have made the situation so dire for the roughly 6,000 people on these islands — many have been living on about a quart of water a day — that fresh water and food are being carried in by boat.”

“The biggest climate change impact on these low-lying islands, scattered across nearly a million square miles of ocean just north of the equator, is sea level rise, the result of warming ocean temperatures and the melting of polar ice sheets and glaciers around the world.”

The land rises only about 6 feet above sea level, leaving the Marshalls with little margin during severe weather.”


The above quotes are taken from two articles that are here and here.

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