Good News Before the Bad

As is my practice I’m going to post some good news on this blog because I don’t want it to be totally depressing. 

While the adults have done everything possible to screw this planet up, it’s time to release the young people.

16 year-old develops cleaner, more efficient method of creating biofuel.

15-year-old creates flashlight that runs on body heat.

16-year-old student turns banana peels into bioplastic.

Why are all these young people girls?

“Solar-powered sedan hits Dutch streets”. A team of 22 Eindhoven University of Technology students creates Stella. “‘Stella’ is the first ‘energy-positive car’ with room for four people, a trunk, intuitive steering and a range of 600 kilometers.”

Now let’s hear from the older generation.
89-Year-Old Man Develops Bladeless Bird-Friendly Wind Turbine!
Want to go fast? How about 204.2 MPH in an electric car?
The Solar Impulse touched down at JFK at 11:09 p.m., completing the final leg of the cross-continental journey that started in California in early May. You can find a link on my blog to an earlier posting on the Solar Impulse.
One quarter of all the world’s energy generation will be renewable by 2018.

“The cost of photovoltaic solar panels is expected to drop to 36 cents per watt by 2017″.

That’s it for the “good” news. I will continue to post the “good” as I find it.




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