Resilient Communities For America

Recently I had a post about a $20 Billion plan for saving New York from the effects of climate change. I posed the question, what about other cities…? The link to that post is here. I just read about a group of Mayors that have signed a, “Resilient Communities For America agreement”.

“On Monday, the mayors of Washington, D.C., Denver, Nashville, and 42 other U.S. cities signed a “Resilient Communities for America” agreement, pledging “to prepare and protect their communities from the increasing disasters and disruptions fueled by climate change.” According to a press release about the campaign, $1 spent on disaster preparation saves $4 in potential losses (consider that Hurricane Sandy caused almost $20 billion of damage).”

I thought it strange that the article I read this in used the same picture of a damaged New York that I used in my post. The article in grist is here.

The website for Resilient Communities For America is here.

While Congress spins it’s wheels on climate change many states and cities across America are seeing the light and are taking action. The Resilient Communities For America’s website talks about taking action in your towns to get your local government  involved.


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