Osprey Watch

Thursday I decided to do my Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, Caspar Upland Trail, and Point Cabrillo Lighthouse hike. I’ve described this hike in an earlier post. It’s a long but beautiful walk using the MTA to get around. The birding has really slowed along the coast so I was really just looking for lost vagrants. I didn’t find any but added a new Osprey nest to my list.

There is a website called OspreyWatch that is sponsored by the Center for Conservation Biology. They are asking people to observe and report on Osprey nest.

“The mission of OspreyWatch is to collect information on a large enough spatial scale to be useful in addressing three of the most pressing issues facing aquatic ecosystems including global climate change, depletion of fish stocks, and environmental contaminants.”

Osprey are one of very few truly global sentinels for aquatic health. They feed almost exclusively on live fish throughout their entire life cycle.  They are a top consumer within aquatic ecosystems and are very sensitive to both overfishing and environmental contaminants.”

I have entered several nests to the website but fail miserably at keeping tabs on them. One of the first nests I added was at the Caspar Cemetery. This nest was destroyed early in the year by high winds. I have before and after pictures.

On the same day I observed the destroyed nest I observed an Osprey flying with nest material near the same location. This Thursday I found the new nest while hiking the Caspar Upland Trail.  It was almost at eye level and could observe at least one chick’s head popping up. I’ve entered the new nest into the data base at OspreyWatch and will try to keep tabs on it.

I almost forgot to mention that while waiting for the bus in Mendocino I saw Red Crossbills fly over. That is a new location for me.


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