SOS Survey and Getting Around Fort Bragg

It was a quiet day at Virgin Creek. Except for our local nesters and 3 Whimbrels the shorebirds have moved north. Did find 3 Killdeer Chicks with their parents on the beach. The Summer/Fall SOS Surveys will begin starting in July. They will be trying to survey three state park beaches, 10 Mile, Virgin Creek and Glass Beach, on an almost daily basis. Their website is here

Since there wasn’t much to survey I finished early. I took a ride up to Lake Cleone and finding nothing there I biked back into Fort Bragg. First I went to the Photography Gallery where I wanted to show Ron LeValley my pictures of the Hermit Warbler I had taken the previous day. 

Met John Birchard who had recently done some photography work for the company I work for, NCPHS. I then went over to the Mendolake Credit Union for some haircut and bus money. Then biked over to Dr. Fleming’s (eye doctor) to pick up my sunglasses that had broke during my Western Snowy Plover Window Survey. Biked back to, “Denise’s Family Salon” across from the Fort Bragg City Hall for my haircut. Denise cuts hair on Tuesdays for the senior residents and anyone else at the Lodge at the Woods where I work. She hadn’t been there this last week so since I was in town I decided to catch her at her place in Fort Bragg. Denise is a former MTA bus driver. She said to come back in 20 minutes.

I went over to the Headlands Coffeehouse around the block where I had a small mocha. One of my neighbors at the Woods,  Rick Banker, played there last night with Sue Sisk. As I went back to Denise’s I saw Rick Harris at the sandwich place across the street. He’s another neighbor at the Woods. We call him the, “Birdman of the Woods” because he does the bird articles for our newsletter for which Rick Banker is the editor. Got my haircut then stopped at the Fort Bragg Advocate to talk to the editor, Kate Lee. Kate’s father, Charles, had until recently been a longtime resident at the Lodge. She wasn’t in the office so I went to the Rose Memorial Cemetery to bird and then waited for my bus to take me back to Mendocino. 

I’m only telling this story to show you what a small world it is here on the Mendocino Coast and to relate how easy it is to get around using the bus and a bike. I’m finding it easy to get around Fort Bragg on bike. Most of the streets have little traffic and the heavy traffic streets have bike lanes.

A first–I was asked if I was interested in some “hash” at the Mendocino bus stop this morning. I assume it wasn’t the kind that goes with corn beef. I laughed and declined. Time to get a haircut.


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