End of Spring Shorebird Migration

The last two SOS Surveys at Virgin Creek have produced very few shorebirds except for our Summer nesters, Black Oystercatchers and Killdeer. I believe I can pinpoint almost the exact day the shorebirds left. On Wednesday, May 22nd, Virgin Creek was alive with shorebirds. That was the day I found the Baird’s Sandpiper. Dunlin and Sanderlings were all over the beach. On Thursday(23rd) I did the Snowy Plover Window Survey (as posted earlier) and there were some Dunlin and Sanderlings found there. On that Friday, Virgin Creek was empty. This trend continued into this last week where I could find only one Whimbrel remaining. So Friday, May 24th, was the day Spring Migration for 2013 ended.  The most interesting observation at Virgin Creek this last Friday was a Bonaparte’s Gull. I believe it had been there since at least Wednesday. It was a very friendly bird, eating flys on the beach. When it would approach, one of two Killdeer near would do it’s broken wing distraction display.

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