Birding Van Damme State Park

Van Damme State Park borders the Woods, where I live, on the North. There are two entrances to the park. The main entrance is off of Highway 1 just north of the Little River Inn. The other entrance is approximately 3 miles up Little River Airport Road at the Pgymy Forest Discovery Trail where you can find all the answers to why Pygmy Forests exist.

I decided to use this entrance. My target bird was a Vaux Swift. I had seen them before, high above the trees, from the canyon floor. Since the hiking trail (no bikes allowed) was a more interesting trail I decided to walk. Little River and it’s tributaries flow down the center of the park. There are a good number of bridges crossing it.

Once you get down into the canyon, ferns and trees dominate.

Lot’s of these tree come down.

While flows of water are down there are still some small rapids and falls along the river.

At the end of my hike I found that I had walked over 6 miles. Did not find a Vaux Swift but there were plenty of Pacific-slope flycatchers, Wilson and Hermit Warblers, Pacific Wrens and Swainson’s Thrushes. It was a very pretty hike that’s right in my backyard.



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