Bad News Dump

I’ve collected a bunch of stories for this post that I would say ends up on the bad news side of the climate change picture.

The first one concerns the coming hurricane season that is predicted to be very active and our government’s reaction.  Good luck East coast and the Gulf.

The recent Memorial Day Holiday produced one article that could be called, “Climate Wars”. It contains many things such as the return to the dust bowl days in the U.S., how the Syria conflict relates to it’s worst drought in modern history, the clash of climate change, population, lack of water and food hitting the world in 2025-30, downfall of countries, refugees trying to escape the bad conditions, global conflict and constant war. It can be found here. It’s possible I will be alive at that time to see if it comes true. The whole article is a downer. Read it at your peril. There is a link in the article about our Pentagon’s assessment of the coming climate change conflicts but I will link to an article about it here.

“The Atlantic Ocean Off the East Coast Was the Warmest Ever Recorded in 2012.” This is a scary article. Fish moving because of the warm water, sea level rising 3 to 4 times faster than the rest of the world, and a nuclear power plant having to shut down because the ocean water wasn’t cold enough to cool it’s reactor. Another article relates that fisheries management can’t keep up with the changing fish populations.

Mt. Everest’s glaciers have retreated uphill nearly 580 feet.

“Feds won’t prosecute wind farm if turbine blades kill a condor.” 

America’s first climate refugees and politics. The Guardian has run a series of articles concerning what’s climate change is doing up North. Yes we do have climate change refugees already! This particular article shows the unfortunate politics involved.

That it for this “bad” news dump. I’m sure there will be more.



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