Solar Impulse.

Continuing with my desire to bring you some “good” or interesting news I’m going to link to the Solar Impulse Project. An all solar powered airplane is on it’s, “Across America” flight. It started in San Francisco on May 3rd and is currently in Dallas, Texas having landed on March 23rd. 

“Powered solely by the Sun, Solar Impulse, which has the wingspan of a jumbo jet and weighs less than a compact car, successfully flew from Phoenix to Dallas on Thursday, May 23, to complete the longest leg of the Across America mission, which will conclude in New York. The 950 mile flight to DFW Airport set a new world distance record in solar aviation.”

“The trek across America is a warm up for an around-the-world solar-powered adventure that the Solar Impulse team plans for 2015.  But, world records are not the goal. The Solar Impulse, was designed to demonstrate  the viability of alternative power sources, clean energy technologies and lightweight carbon composites.” (Forbes)

Addition news can be found in this Reuters article.


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