Virgin Creek on a Windy Day

Friday’s Virgin Creek SOS Shorebird Survey was uncomfortable. It was extremely windy but not as cold as the day before. One advantage for the shorebirds was that the wind kept almost all but the crazy surveyors off the beach. I thought that I wouldn’t find many shorebirds but it was a good day for them. 

The Rock Sandpiper remains in the large flock of Black Turnstones and Surfbirds. There were also two pairs of Harlequin Ducks. Their extreme colors make them hard to photograph.

These ducks are safe on Virgin Creek, but for an interesting read concerning what can happen when you don’t know whose reading your blog, go to an ABA’s Blog titled, “How the Harlequin Duck Lost it’s Life”. It was a companion piece to a May 2012 article in, Birding titled, “How the Harlequin Duck got it’s Spots”. The blog is here. If you read far enough into the comments you can find reference to the California Falcated Duck and how hunters lusted after it.

I asked Jeff, the North Coast Supervisor for MTA, if he would take a better picture of me and my bike. What do you think? And yes I’m smiling!

Yes we do have a trolley here in Mendocino County. It’s not as bike friendly as the regular bus (there’s no bike rack) but they make it work. The seats aren’t as padded as a regular bus so the ride isn’t as comfortable. It’s fun to watch the tourists stare as you go by.


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