Meditating on a Bus. The Trip to Ukiah

Thursday I went over to Ukiah to bird the Ukiah Waste Treatment Plant, one of the best places to bird in Ukiah. This is the second time I’ve been there this year. I would not normally go over the hill two times in the winter but at $5.00 for a round trip I save big everytime I go there. On the first trip over I took the CC Rider (Route 65) which travels Highway 20 through Willits to Ukiah. It leaves the Boatyard at 7:30AM and gets to Ukiah (Pear Tree Center) at 9:00AM. It continues down to Santa Rosa where you can connect to the Golden Gate Transit. I took the Ukiah Local (Route 9) south to Plant Rd where both the MTA Plant and the UWTP are located. After birding there I took the Ukiah Local north to Staples where I recycled some ink cartridges and shopped. Hint–Staples gives you a two dollar credit for each cartridge up to ten per month. I then traveled to Gobbi Street and Orchard Ave. and walked down to Riverside Park. I then walked through the Oak Manor neighborhood back to Pear Tree Center. There I picked up the Route 75 bus which uses highways 253 and 128 to get back to Fort Bragg. Thursday I used the Coaster (Route 60) starting in Mendocino to connect with Route 75 at Navarro River Junction to take me to Ukiah, Birded the UWTP and then took the Ukiah Local to Mendocino College to “miss” on the Common Gallinule at the lower pond. Back to Pear Tree where I shopped at Home Depot and then started the trip home.

Why go to Ukiah? There are a number of birds that you can’t get on the coast such as the Oak Titmouse, Nuttail’s Woodpecker, White-breasted Nuthatch, etc..There is also better shopping. Will be going over there more frequently during my experimental year.


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