Haul Rd. Being Worked On

Haul Rd.Yesterday I did my SOS Virgin Creek Survey. My truck was fixed so I was able to go back to my normal routine of driving my bike down to Mendocino to meet the bus there. Weather held up well, was sunny and not too windy. Was pleased to see lot’s of shorebirds this time. Found a rare winter Western Sandpiper (FOY) among the Sanderlings. Also had a Rock Sandpiper amongst the Black Turnstones and Surfbirds. Haven’t been finding many ROSA’s this winter. The attached picture is of the Haul Rd. It seemed strange to see these signs out there.They are doing extensive work on it. Must have something to do with electrical because Fort Bragg Electric had a truck out there.

Went on to Lake Cleone and walked around it. Found a “first of year” Orange-crowned Warbler. Adding that to the Downy Woodpecker I found today at the airport and I’m up to 144 species with over 462 miles saved.


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