Another Blog Training Session with Some Serious News

This is another Blog training session to see how this new blogging app works on my IPad. 


The National Climate Assessment Development Advisory Committee (NCADAC) has released their “Draft” National Climate Assessment (NCA) Report. It breaks down each section of the country to explain what that section can expect from climate warming. The Executive Summary starts out with: 

“Climate change is already affecting the American people. Certain types of weather events have  become more frequent and/or intense, including heat waves, heavy downpours, and, in some regions, floods and droughts. Sea level is rising, oceans are becoming more acidic, and glaciers and arctic sea ice are melting. These changes are part of the pattern of global climate change, which is primarily driven by human activity.”

The entire report can be found here 

The NCA, “informs the nation about already observed changes, the current status of the climate, and anticipated trends for the future.”

Of course this is just another report on climate change, we will see if anyone notices it.

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